Special Days in the Month of April

Special Days in the Month of April

PR Pant, EXBU Member, APRCPRK, Kathmandu, NEPAL

April 05:
April 05 is the day when in 2009, DPR Korea successfully lunched “KWANGGONGSONG-2”, Second artificial satellite on the Earth- a great step towards achieving all round development of the nation.

April 06:
President KIM IL SUNG proposed 10-points program for the great national unity of the whole Korean nation on April 06, 1993.  For President KIM IL SUNG, the principle of "great national unity" embodied in the program transcended differences in ideas, ideologies, and systems of both sides.

The Ten Points:
1. A unified state, independent, peaceful, and neutral, should be found through the great unity of the whole nation.
2. Unity should be based on patriotism and the spirit of national independence.
3. Unity should be achieved on the principle of promoting coexistence, coprosperity, and common interests and subordinating everything to the cause of national reunification.
4. All manner of political disputes that foment division and confrontation between the fellow countrymen should be stopped and unity achieved.
5. They should dispel fears of invasion from the South and from the North and suspicions of attempts to prevail over communism or achieve communization all together and believe in and unite with each other.
6. They should consider democracy to be valuable and join hands on the road to the fatherland\'s reunification, without rejecting each other for difference in doctrine and principles.
7. They should protect the material and spiritual wealth of individuals and organizations and encourage it to be used favorable for the promotion of great national unity.
8. All the fellow countrymen should understand, trust, and be united with one another through contacts, travels, and dialogue.
9. All the fellow countrymen in the North and South and overseas should strengthen solidarity with one another on the way to the fatherland\'s reunification.
10. Those who have contributed to great national unity and the cause of the fatherland\'s reunification should be highly esteemed.

It would be great national unity, if followed by the south, to protect the peninsula from the foreign interferences, to save national dignity and sovereignty and to live together in permanent peace.

April 09:
45 years ago, on April 09, International Institute of Juche Idea (IIJI) was established in 1978.

The founding of the IIJI, 45 years ago, was a historical event to disseminate the great Juche Idea, propound by immortal President KIM IL SUNG on the way to liberate Korea from the Japanese colonial rule and to lead the revolutionary struggle of the entire progressive and peace-loving people to achieve the final victory of their own destiny.

The influential and great role performed by IIJI in these glorious 45 years has been widely recognized by the world progressive people struggling to achieve independence, peace and prosperity of their respective countries.

Let us send a congratulatory message to IIJI expressing our full confidence that the IIJI will play a further great role to enhance Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, a great revolutionary program for the continuity of the revolutionary leadership of the three Generals of Mt. Paektu in advancing along the road of freedom, independence, Juche idea, Songun policy and Socialism victory after victory.

April 11:
The great leader His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN was re-elected in the supreme post of the Chairman of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on April 11, 2019 by the First Session of the 14th Supreme People\'s Assembly.

The solemnly proclamation by the 14th Supreme People\'s Assembly representing the will of the whole Korean people clearly valued His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN’s politico-ideological might and tremendous national power of the socialist Korea with the exceptional ideological and theoretical wisdom and a well experienced leadership, Chairman of the State Affairs of the DPR of Korea.

April 13:
April 13 is a great day for all of us, which reminds the beginning of our energetic movement in 2012 April 13 to establish a very strong regional committee in Asia-Pacific to extend our full support and solidarity to the just struggle of the Korean people.

APRCPRK is a regional united front coalition with all friendship and solidarity organizations with the Korean people, progressive organizations, anti-war peace organizations, willing to see the reunified Fatherland and permanent peace in Korean peninsula.

I propose to celebrate the 11th founding anniversary of APRCPRK  together with celebrating the Day of the Sun, the birth anniversary of respected President KIM IL SUNG by organizing our close Zoom meeting within ourselves and share our experiences and discuss for further enhancement of our regional unity. Hope the Director of the Secretariat will take the decision on how to celebrate it.

April 15:
April 15 was a golden day, in 1912, when a new baby was born on the earth with bright flash light in a simple but patriotic family of Mangyongdae, who later on became President KIM IL SUNG of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea after completing three great revolutions in his own life—liberating Korea from Japanese cruel military occupation (August 15, 1945); declaring Korea as Democratic People’s Republic (September 09,1948);and defeating the so called super power of the world in the 3 years long battle with US-led 16 countries (July 27,1953).  Salute to such a peerlessly great man on the earth!

Let us celebrate with great enthusiasm the 111st Birth Anniversary of President KIM IL SUNG as a great event of mankind. Birth anniversary of the Great President is of enormous significance to all the progressive people of the whole world because of his unparalleled contribution to the cause of global independence.

Let us solemnly pledge, on behalf of APRCPRK, to join together with other people\'s organizations, social and friendship associations of the Asia -Pacific to greet the great event with grand celebrations and exert all our efforts to extend firm solidarity with the Korean people in their struggle to achieve independent peaceful reunification of Korea, to defeat the aggressive maneuvers of imperialism and to build a prosperous and powerful nation.

President KIM IL SUNG will live forever in the hearts of all independence-loving peoples of the world!

April 20:
April 20 is a historical day when in 1992 “Pyongyang Declaration”
was made in Pyongyang, the capital of DPR Korea by the world leaders, while celebrating the 80th Birthday of President KIM IL SUNG.

“Let Us Defend and Advance the Cause of Socialism!”, was a statement signed by a number of political parties that calls for the unity, socialism and an oath to safeguard socialism.

Representatives of 70 communist and socialist parties from 51 countries arrived in Pyongyang to celebrate great leader President KIM IL SUNG’s 80th Birthday. At that time the delegates had many bilateral and multilateral meetings with each other and decided to issue a declaration reiterating their commitment to socialism in spite of the collapse of the USSR and a number of other communist regimes in 1990’s. On 20 April, 1992 the Pyongyang Declaration was signed by delegates of 69 parties, including 48 party leaders including a veteran communist leader from Nepal.

April 25:
April 25 was the day when Patriotic revolutionary leader KIM IL SUNG organized Korean People’s Revolutionary Army (KPRA) in 1932 on the way to liberate Korean peninsula from Japanese military occupants.  It was Leader KIM IL SUNG’s anti-Japanese guerrilla army, the Korean People\'s Revolutionary Army.
Thanks to the KPRA, much honored and well-known to the world for its extraordinary skills and dedication to liberate Korea from Japanese colonial rule and save the dignity, sovereignty and integrity of the DPRK in a very crucial situation too under the brilliant leadership of the great leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG.

April 27:
As we all know 27th April is the day when His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN, Chairman of the Workers\' Party of Korea, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the Armed Force of DPRK guided the Panmunjom Declaration for the peace and prosperity and unification of the Korean peninsula by his outstanding political talent and large-hearted decision. APRCPRK by heart want to see the actual implementation of the Joint declaration.

The acceptance of Panmunjom Declaration was an extraordinary occurrence which demonstrated to the whole world that the Korea is One! and Koreans keep ability to surely achieve peace and prosperity by themselves with their great national unity.

Let us strongly urge the responsible authorities of the Republic of Korea and the United States of America to practically follow the words of the Panmunjom Declaration of April 27, 2018 and the Joint statement of the Singapore Summit of June 12, 2018.



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