Special Days for the Month of December

Special Days for the Month of December
Marshal Kim Jong Un salutes beside his father\\\'s hearse during his funeral procession in Pyongyang on December 28, 2011

01 December: His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN, the true successor of the Korean revolution, at the Academic conference of Korean Association of Social Scientists (KASS) instructed and gave guidance by saying that our Scientists of Social Sciences will dedicate themselves in modeling the whole society into Kimilsungism and Kimjongilism on December 01, 2012. This deserves a great ideological meaning to make a thrilling socialist system of Korean style.

17 December: The Korean people and entire peace-loving progressive mankind of the world will pay their homage to the immortal leader Comrade KIM JONG IL marking the 11th year of his demise, this year on December 17.

The Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL's extraordinary achievements as guardian of Socialism and Justice, he Conducted energetic activities for the victory of socialist cause, global peace and stability and friendship and solidarity among peoples under the uplifted banner of independence against imperialism thus raising the international position and reputation of the DPRK and making immortal contribution to the human cause of independence. His immortal services will remain unforgettable on the hearts and minds of humankind all around the world.

Let us pay mankind's best wishes for his immorality, our homage to the great leader by forming National Memorial Committees marking 11th year of his sad demise in our countries of Asia -Pacific Region and remember him by organizing colorful functions on his greatness.

24 December: It is the historic day when General Secretary Comrade KIM JONG IL assumed the post of Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army on 1991. This year the friendly Korean people are remembering the great leader and marking the 31st anniversary of his assumption of the high post of the Supreme Commandership of the KPA.

December 24th is another special day when an anti-Japanese Guerilla fighter and great Mother Comrade KIM JONG SUK was born on this day, 1917. Let us pay our deep homage to the memory of anti-Japanese heroin on the occasion of 105th Birth Anniversary of the extraordinary woman political activist and woman guerilla.

She resolutely fought against any practices contrary to the idea and line of President KIM IL SUNG without the slightest kindness. Her image was as a skillful commander and a master-hand at underground operation has been kept in the hearts of the Korean people.

Mother KIM JONG SUK's greatest feat is that she brought up Comrade KIM JONG IL to be an heir to the revolutionary cause of great leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG and the future Sun of Korea. She performed great feats for the Korean revolution and left the immortal traces in the modern history of Korea.

27  December: On 24th December 1948 the socialist constitution of the DPR of Korea was promulgated. This year the Korean people will celebrate 74th anniversary of the declaration of their beloved Socialist constitution.

30 December: Supreme Leader His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN assumed the Supreme Commandership of the Korean People's Army on 30th December, 2011. This year let us congratulate respected Marshal on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of assuming the Supreme Commandership of the KPA.

Assuming Supreme Commandership of the KPA by Marshal KIM JONG UN guarantees to carry forward successfully the Juche and Songun cause pioneered in Mt. Paektu and continuation of the brilliant traditions provided by the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu guarantees to achieve the final victory of the Juche cause.

Let us express our cheerfulness to celebrate and join our hands together with the entire progressive and peace-loving people of the world with the Korean people to celebrate this historic occasion.

Thank You!

APRCPRK, Nepal Bureau.




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