Legal Weapons of Great Significance in Implementing the Major Policies of the Party and the Government

Legal Weapons of Great Significance in Implementing the Major Policies of the Party and the Government
Marshal Kim Jong Un

Comrade Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, made a historic policy speech at the Seventh Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK on 8th of September.

In the speech, comrade Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, said that the Seventh Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK has provided legal weapons which are of great significance in implementing the major policies of the Party and the government. He said that, in particular, the adoption of a law related with the policy of the nation's nuclear forces in accordance with the unanimous will of all the Korean people is a noteworthy event that proclaimed at home and abroad that we have come to possess by law a war deterrent as a means for defending the state.

He said that as long as imperialism, whose inherent nature and means of existence is aggression and plunder, exists, the source of war cannot be rooted out, and antagonism and struggle between socialism, which aspires after independence and peace, and imperialism is unavoidable in the development of history.

He said that this is a clearer demonstration of the independent determination of the government of the Republic and its will to defend the sovereignty and interests of the state.

He pointed out that our nuclear weapons are a means for containment and ultimate weapon that our Republic, which from the early days of its birth had been under the nuclear threat by the United States, the first country to use nuclear power in the world, possessed by waging an arduous and bloody struggle for scores of years so as to reliably defend its dignity and security and completely remove the danger of a nuclear war.

He mentioned that with an absurd sophistry that our nuclear weapons and our strengthening of the self-defence capability pose a serious threat to global peace and the security in the region, the United States is now obsessed with spreading a rumour in the international arena aimed at demonizing the government of our Republic; it is also tenaciously resorting to the harshest-ever sanctions and blockade and political and military offensive to bring us under its control psychologically and physically even by enlisting all its vassal forces.

He stressed that what the United States tries to achieve is not merely to remove our nuclear weapons; its final objective is to overthrow our government some day by inducing us to abandon the nuclear weapons and further give up our capability of exercising the right to self-defence or by making the capability inferior to its own.

He continued that through unheard-of sanctions and blockade, it is attempting to make us think about the cost of our option for the nuclear weapons and induce and incite complaint among our people about their Party and government by creating a harsh environment for us and by making the capability inferior to its own.

He stressed that it is the enemy's misjudgement and miscalculation and let them impose sanctions for 100, nay 1000 days or even ten or 100 years, and it is not we that would give up the right to self-defence, on which the country's right to existence and the security of the future of the state and people depend, so as to escape or make a detour even a moment around the difficulties we are experiencing now; we can never give up the nuclear weapons however harsh the circumstances are in the political and military situations the United States has created on the Korean peninsula and moreover as we have to contain the United Staes, our nuclear state enemy, in a far-sighted way.

He said that our people are well aware of the many historical events in the 20th century and 21st century, in which some countries saw and are seeing their last days and tragic ends as a result of wrong choices they made unable to bear the US imperialist' stereotyped preaching and sophistry, sanctions and pressure, and military threat, and continued that our generation will not pursue an immediately visible improved environment for the economic life at the cost of giving up the nuclear weapons, which guarantee the security of the government of our Republic and the coming generations, to find our own comfort and to escape today's difficulties unable to bear the enemy's deceitful preaching and tenacious pressure, nor will we change our choice even if it would mean experiencing great difficulties.

He pointed out that the United States can never and ever realize their ambition with regard to our state or make our people change their choice, and said that in direct proportion to the increase of the period of suffering imposed on our people by the US's brutal hostile policy against us, our absolute stregnth is continuing to be built up at exponential speed and the security threat they have to face is increasing in direct proportion.

He said that the nuclear forces of our Republic will responsibly perform their important mission to contain grave political and military provocations against our state by the United States and its vassal forces and to put their prospective threats under control, and today this was clarified in a law of the state.

He pointed out that the world will clearly realize once again what is a truly independent powerful country and a state of justice  in modern days, when pursuit of hegemony is more rampant, and how mighty is the unquenchable spirit of our Republic dealing squarely with the United States, the empire of evil.

He continued that with the legalization of the policy of the nuclear forces, the poition of our state as a nuclear nation has become irreversible, and if our nuclear policy is to be changed now, the world has to be changed, and so should the political and military environment on the Korean peninsula.

He stressed that there will never be such a thing as our abandonment of the nuclear weapons or denuclearization first, nor will there be any negotiations to this end or bargaining chip in there processes.

He pointed that as long as there exist nuclear weapons and remains imperialism on the earth, and as long as the United States and its vassal forces refuse to stop their anti-DPRK manoeuvrings, our journey of building up the nuclear forces will not come to an end.

He said that we have drawn the line of no retreat regarding our nuclear weapons so that there will be no longer any bargaining over them. Herein lies the great importance of the legalization of the policy of the nuclear forces.

He mentioned that the event has made the peace-loving stand of the government of our Republic and our policy of the nation's nuclear forces more transparent and justifiable.

He said that it is a desire of humanity to live in a peaceful world free from aggression and war, and yet, peace does not come of its own accord simply because they are desirous of it; it is something that we can achieve and defend only when we are strong enough to contain the imperialist tyranny.

He made it clear that our Republic's nuclear forces exist and will come into use to defend our territory, people and self-respect and global peace and security from the imperialist tyranny, and not to pursue intervention in the internal affairs of other nations or hegemony. Accordingly, they in no way pose any threat to those natons and peoples that are friendly to us and desirous of peace.

He said that the current law on the policy of our Republic's nuclear forces clearly stipulates detailed provisions, such as the mission and composition of the nuclear forces, control and command over them, principles and conditions for their use, and their safe maintenance and protection. Such being the case, the law fully accords with the desire of humanity for justice and peace, and their is no room for anyone to pick a quarrel with, or question, our nulcear forces in the future.

He continued that in view of the geopolitical features and strategic position of our country and the prevailing situation created before our revolution, the absolute military supremacy of our state over the aggressive forces of imperialism poses as an indispensable requirement.

He said that, which felt a great fear it would face in the near future after witnessing the defence development in some sectors we have opened to the public in recent years, US is now continuing to cling to the heinous moves of sanctions and blockade and, at the same time, committing a grave intimidation-oriented sabre-rattling while hurling its nuclear strike weapons on a large scale around the Korean peninsula.

He pointed out that present south Korean regime, too, is trumpeting about the strengthening of the south Korea-US combined defence posture by improving the executive ability of the south Korea-US "extended deterrence" and "reaction capability" by building what they call " Korean-style three-axis system," asserting the brigandish logic of containing us to make up for its army's military inferiority; it is stepping up dangerous military manoeuvrings and modernization of armaments which further aggravate the military tension in the region.

He said that such serious circumstances show that the military situation around our state has assumed a protracted nature, going from bad to worse, and, accordingly, we should be thoroughly prepared for them.

He saided that, however, the situation aggravated by the enemy's moves has provided excellent conditions and environment for us to develop our military forces more rapidly and, more importantly, justness for strengthening our self-defence capability and inevitable justification for building it up on a priority basis.

He pointed out that the Ministry of National Defence and the defence industry of the Republic will take the prevailing situation as the most favourable opportunity to build up the military capability.

Comrade Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, said that the present international situation shows that the contradictions between justice and injustice and between the progressive and the reactionary, especially the power structure surrounding the Korean peninsula, have become obvious and the change from a unipolar world advocated by the US into a multipolar world is being accelerated significantly.

He said that our Republic will develop foreign relations proactively in line with the development trend of the current international situation and its position as a powerful independent country.

He pointed out that the field of external affairs should develop external relations in many-sided way as it further expands and develops friendly and cooperative relations with neighbouring countries and collaborates with all countries and nations opposing and rejecting the imperialists' aggression and interference, domination and subordinatioin and aspiring after independence and justice, regardless of differences in ideology and system.

In the last part of the speech, Comrade Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, said that today our struggle is accompanied by unprecedentedly extreme difficulties and we do not know what kind of challenge may face us next, but our Republic is obviously progressing without the slightest hesitation and vacillation and will continuously advance and grow stronger in the future, too.

You can find the full text of the speech and "On the  DPRK's Policy on the Nuclear Forces", the law of the Supreme People's Assembly, on the KCNA website.

Availing ourselves of this opportunity, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all the friends of the world who have rendered support and solidarity to the just cause of the Korean people and hope that you, would, with constant attention on the development of situation on the Korean peninsula, continue to support Korean people to safeguard dignity and sovereignty of the country.

Best regards.
Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People




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