APRCPRK Constitution Amendments Proposal

APRCPRK Constitution Amendments Proposal

Moved by Mr. Teguh Santosa, Director of Public Information Bureau APRCPRK

Amendment Proposal No.1

In Article 4,  Last sentence of Clause 1 of APRCPRK Constitution reads:

"Director of the Executive Bureau shall be selected among the co-chairs of APRCPRK, and his/her tenure shall be five years".

I would like to suggest to revise this as follow:

“Director of the Executive Bureau shall be selected among the co-chairs of APRCPRK, and his/her tenure shall be five years, however, if this position becomes vacant due to the demise, health/medical condition the new director should be by-elected upon the approval of majority of the Executive Bureau members. In case there is not a suitable nomination among the incumbent co-chairpersons with various plausible reasons, directorship shall remain vacant till the most eligible turns up. Instead, all the authority and power of Director of the Executive Bureau will be executed by the Secretariat in his absence."
Amendment Proposal No.2

In Article 4, Clause 1, b, there is a last sentence which reads:

“The Secretariat, is composed of the joint secretaries, who shall follow and execute the decisions of the Executive Bureau and work in co-operation with the Director of the Executive Bureau.”

After this, I suggest to add this sentence becomes:

“In case the Director of the Executive Bureau is absent owing to unavoidable circumstances, his/her power will be exercised by the Secretariat instead. Secretariat shall appoint its director among the joint secretaries, and this role of the Director of the Secretariat in principle shall rotate among the joint secretaries in every one year. However, in a special case when the majority of incumbent joint secretaries approve that the Director of Secretariat whose term is finished to continue at his/her post, one can remain in office up to three years successively."
Amendment Proposal No.3

Article 4, Clause 3, 4), a deals with the interpretation of Honorary Life Membership. Here I would  like to propose to omit the very last phrase:

"or as he/she is fully retired.”

In the meantime, add:

"This title can be also conferred to meritorious figures dedicated to the activities of the organization and its strengthening and development even after their passing as a posthumous title. Their names shall remain forever in the APRCPRK Honour Roll with continuance of the organization, inspiring all its members. Public Information Bureau of APRCPRK shall be responsible for managing the Honour Roll by posting its on its official website."




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