Leader Who Takes Loving Care of Children

 Leader Who Takes Loving Care of Children

From olden times it has been said that a man who loves children is honest-minded and righteous, and the country that enforces the policy of loving children is the most beautiful one.

The realities in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea give a clear understanding of the true meaning of this saying.

Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, loves children very much.

When the new Pyongyang Orphanage and Baby Home were under construction, people except relevant officials and residents living nearby did not know where their previous buildings were.

One February day in 2014 he visited the old Pyongyang Orphanage and Baby Home without a prior notice. Embracing the children who were approaching, saying “Father!” he asked “How old are you?” “Are you fine?” He stressed that the children with no parents were also the successors to our revolution and pillars of our future.

That year, greeting the International Children’s Day, he visited the Pyongyang Orphanage again, and said: When the laughter of children rings aloud, the whole country becomes bright; now the Workers’ Party of Korea is having a modern orphanage and baby home built on the Taedong riverside; these children will celebrate the following June 1, the International Children’s Day, at the newly-built orphanage.

On the morning of New Year’s Day in 2015, he visited the orphanage again to wish the children a happy new year. That day he said that while looking round the newly-built orphanage and baby home in October the previous year he had made a promise to come there on the coming New Year’s Day, and that to keep his promise, he came there soon after he delivered the new year address.

One year, while visiting the Wonsan Orphanage and Baby Home that were to be inaugurated, he said with great satisfaction: Such marvellous and handsome structures would be difficult to be found elsewhere in the world; the parentless children will grow up brightly and cheerfully, calling the Party and motherland their father and mother, to become trustworthy pillars of the country; a mere thought of it makes me to harden the determination to sweat more and spare nothing for the sake of the coming generations.

Kim Jong Un is working with devotion to build a beautiful country where all the children will grow stoutly and beautifully without any worry.


Kim Jong Un


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