DPRK New Long-Range Cruise Missiles Test-Fired

The Academy of National Defense Science of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea successfully test-fired the newly-developed new-type long-range cruise missiles on September 11 and 12.

The test-firing was watched by Pak Jong Chon, Member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and Secretary of the Party Central Committee, and Kim Jong Sik and Jon Il Ho, Deputy Department Directors of the Party Central Committee.

Present in the test-firing were leading officials and scientists in the field of national defense science.

The development of the long-range cruise missiles, a strategic weapon, which is of great significance in attaining the main goal of the five-year plan for the development of national defense science and weapon system presented at the Eighth Party Congress, has been promoted according to the scientific and reliable weapon system development process over the past two years. In the course, detailed partial tests and dozens of static firing tests of motor, different flight tests, controlling and guiding test and warhead destructive test were successfully made.

The development of this weapon system persistently promoted as the most important work amid the special concern of the Party Central Committee is of strategic significance as it is another effective deterrent ensuring the security of our state more firmly and overpowering powerfully the anti-DPRK military moves of the hostile forces.

The test-firing was successful.

The launched long-range cruise missiles flew 1,500 kilometres for 7,580 seconds along the flight track of oval and figure eight set in the territory and territorial air of our state before hitting the targets.

The test-firing satisfied the demand of technical indices including the thrust of the newly-developed turbofan engine and the demands for design in the flight control of missiles and the accuracy of the last-stage guiding and hitting by combined guidance.

The effectiveness and practicality of the weapon system proved successful. Upon the authorization of the Party Central Committee, Pak Jong Chon conveyed warm congratulations and thanks to the national defense scientists and munitions workers who have made successful development of the long-range cruise missiles.

He said this success is a brilliant fruition borne by the policy of the Party on attaching importance to national defense science and technology and an epochal success achieved by those in the field of national defence who have turned out to implement the decisions of the Eighth Party Congress. It is another great demonstration of the unlimited ability of the national defense science and technology and munitions industry of the DPRK, he added.

He stressed that the national defense science field should work harder to strengthen the defense capability and war deterrent of the country and achieve continued successes in hitting the grand and prospective goal of war deterrent presented by the Eighth Party Congress.


Kim Jong Un


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