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Indonesia-DPRK Friendship Association Condemn the Joint Military Exercises by the US and the South Korea

Teguh Santosa, Chairman of the Indonesia-DPRK Friendship Association The Indonesia-DPRK Friendship Association expresses deep concern that the situation in Korean peninsula is reaching close to the dangerous state of brink of war recently due to the moves of the US and the south Korea to stifle DPRK. As already well known, the US and the south Korea started large joint military exercise called “Freedom Shield” from 13th Marc ...

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Marshal Kim Jong Un and the Army

Marshal Kim Jong Un is a leader who has close relationships and loves the people. All elements of the Korean people love him as a reliable figure in the Korean development process. The following are some photos that illustrate Marshal Kim Jong Un's close relationship with the Korean People's Army, which together with other elements of the people are the backbone of an independent and prosperous Korean state. []